Biometrics Alliance launches new evaluation and certification template

December 7, 2015 - 

The Biometrics Alliance Initiative recently announced it has released its evaluation and certification template for biometric technologies used in biometric-based non-governmental solutions.

The template enables the evaluation and certification of biometric technologies in a consistent manner that encompasses all their various aspects while establishing a common approach for laboratories.

The benchmark was shaped through the expertise and contributions of four major types of factors involved in the implementation of biometric technologies, including R&D laboratories, evaluation laboratories and certification bodies, end users who depend on biometric technologies to propose new services or a new user experience, and industrial firms.

The evaluation and certification template fulfills the need for creating full transparency regarding the use of biometric solutions, as well as provides the building blocks that enable companies seeking to deploy biometric technologies, to evaluate and appreciate the performance of the biometric solution they select.

The template comes at a period of significant growth for mass market biometrics and where the proprietary technologies whose actual performances cannot be accurately gauged are being rolled out.

The benchmark is designed to help lead the strategy being devised by institutions on the use and generalization of biometric technology, as well as inform industrial leaders with better knowledge of actual technology use conditions.

Finally, the benchmark is naturally referenced within existing standards as a method of offering an operational evaluation template for industrial laboratories and certification organizations, compatibility with the set of R&D work being done by university laboratories, and an operational methodology shared by all laboratories to objectively compare the different technologies being applied.

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