Brightek releases new IR LED for facial recognition applications

December 1, 2015 - 

LED manufacturer Brightek has released 3535 Ceramic Series and 3030 SMC Series, new infrared (IR) LED products designed for facial recognition applications.

The IR LED offerings include different viewing angles at 30°/60°/90°/120°, as well as feature the function of infrared supplementary light to improve accuracy while using the facial recognition system on a device.

Brightek’s IR LED for facial recognition has been integrated in the latest laptops compatible with Windows Hello, and it complies with the requirements to operate the system.

By using one to two LEDs, the device can work accurately under a range of different light sources.

Aside from using the IR LED products in facial recognition, Brightek is developing a new generation IR LED for iris scanning and is partnering with customers to work on verification.

Based in Taoyuan, Taiwan, Brightek provides a range of LED packages and solutions, including LED lamps, SMD LEDs, PLCC, ceramic, COB, UV, IR and LEDs.

The company’s solutions are designed to be integrated in mobile devices and surveillance products with new technology and packaging.

Previously reported, Window 10’s multimodal biometric authentication security feature requires “depth cameras” with infrared light sensors, which analysts and PC manufacturers say are too costly to integrate into the popular, lower-range PCs available on the market.

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