FPC reports a revenue guidance of $768M-$1B for 2016

December 9, 2015 - 

Fingerprint Cards (FPC) reported in its investor update that its revenue guidance for 2016 is approximately 6,500-8,500 MSEK ($768 million-$1 billion).

The company also reported that its operating margin for 2016 is estimated to be higher than its operating margin of the second half of 2015.

FPC estimates that the penetration of fingerprint sensors in smartphones will continue to increase to slightly exceeding 50% for the full year 2016.

The fingerprint firm previously estimated the market penetration to be approximately 50% for the full year 2016. Additionally, the full year 2015 the penetration is estimated to be slightly higher than 30% compared to the previous estimation of around 30%.

Additionally, FPC estimates that it will capture about 45% of the value of the total addressable fingerprint sensor market for 2015.

The value for the fingerprint sensor market includes FPC products as well as offerings from its direct competitors, with the exclusion of fingerprint sensor modules and Apple’s products.

FPC said it expects to grow faster than the market in 2016 in which it will hold a value share of approximately 50-70% of the same market.

During 2016 the smartphone market is estimated to account for the majority of the fingerprint sensor market.

Meanwhile, other market segments, such as smart cards, are estimated to grow. From 2017 and beyond, these market segments will account for a substantial share of the market for fingerprint sensors.

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