IRIS to provide ePassport to Solomon Islands

December 2, 2015 - 

IRIS Corporation announced it has secured a US$22 million contract to provide the next-generation ICAO compliant ePassports with biometrics technology to the government of Solomon Islands.

The new ePassport program will enable citizens of the Solomon Islands to convert the manual passport book into an ePassport to facilitate a more seamless travel experience.

The use of IRIS’ fingerprint technology will help to reduce waiting times and efficiency in flight bookings, check-ins and arrival check-in procedures.

The new travel document will also enable access to countries that have deployed ePassport verification infrastructures.

In addition to providing IRIS’ fraud resistant polycarbonate (PC) datapage with advanced visual security features, IRIS will also supply its IdenCraft solution that manages enrolment, personalization, and issuance of the new ePassport.

The PC datapage can be personalized by using IRIS’ laser marker which generates a datapage that cannot be forged, delaminated or be unlawfully manipulated.

“This new agreement further strengthens the company’s presence in Solomon Islands,“ said Datuk Tan Say Jim, CEO of IRIS Group. ”We look forward to working with the government of Solomon Islands to provide Solomon Islanders with the latest ICAO compliant ePassports for unprecedented levels of security and privacy.”

IRIS has successfully implemented a range of Trusted Identity solutions, including ePassport, eID and Border Control, to over 28 countries.

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