Macau to implement facial recognition system at borders within a year

December 2, 2015 - 

Macau’s Director of the Public Security Forces Affairs Bureau, Pun Su Peng recently told the city’s lawmakers that a facial recognition system is “being prepared” and “should be entering into operation in the coming year”, according to a report by Macau Daily Times.

The new facial recognition system is intended to prevent criminals from entering the territory with fake or third-party identities.

Peng said the new facial recognition system is faster and safer than its previous fingerprint-based system that is prone to “many failures”.

The facial recognition system will allow customs officers to compare and match passengers’ passport photos with images of those who have been convicted of a crime in Macau or are banned from entering the city.

Peng said the department has been working with an undisclosed vendor to develop the facial recognition solution which should be implemented at all border points within a year.

“The Public Security Police Force (PSP) plans to install facial recognition systems in all e-channel kiosks of local border checkpoints, so that the system can fully cover all traditional passenger clearance channels and e-channels in the city,” Chief of the Office of Secretary for Security, Cheong Ioc Ieng wrote in reply to legislator Si Ka Lon’s inquiries regarding issues related to delays and complications with border crossings.

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