Morpho CEO shares insights on future of digital identity market

December 8, 2015 - 

Morpho (Safran) CEO Anne Bouverot recently shared her insights on the future of the digital identity market as well as the company’s plans to accelerate its momentum in this market through strategic product development.

In order to meet the demand for faster and simpler use of mobile, such as password-less mobile payments, the market must develop safe and reliable technologies for user identification, said Bouverot.

The market has taken the first step towards secure and reliable user identification technologies through the integration of fingerprint recognition sensors in smartphones.

However, Bouverot contends that this is simply not enough, particularly from a security standpoint.

The market now needs to begin incorporating higher-performance biometrics technology (facial or iris recognition) in smartphones and tablets, as well as incorporating them simultaneously for a given person, said Bouverot.

It is this level of integration of several biometric factors that will allow the market to achieve highly secure digital identities.

Bouverot also said that she believes there is an “enormous potential of digital identity verification for smartphones and tablets” as the industry moving towards a “global mobile Internet ecosystem”.

“There is a huge need for technologies to enable remote authentication solutions that are fast, simple and reliable,” said Bouverot. “The market is already developing rapidly, and I’m sure the pace will accelerate further in the coming years.”

Bouverot also emphasized that Morpho will continue to develop its business in the biometrics market, using its “agility to ensure that [Morpho’s] technologies are the winning ones.”

“I hope to leverage Morpho’s technological excellence in a number of markets to meet these objectives, spanning telecommunications, biometric identification, public security and banking services,” said Bouverot. “We also have proven expertise in all the key enabling technologies, such as biometric recognition, enrolment, large scale data mining and data security. These are invaluable assets, which will support our drive to become the world leader in digital identity.”

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