Russian startup tops UW facial recognition challenge

December 17, 2015 - 

Russian startup N-Tech.Lab recently became a leader in the MegaFace challenge in face recognition algorithms at the University of Washington.

N-Tech.Lab uses advanced techniques in the field of artificial neural networks and machine learning to develop its software products. The company’s facial recognition algorithm extracts the characteristic features of a person’s face from a picture.

N-Tech.Lab’s solution was declared the most accurate for the FaceScrub search in large datasets, achieving 73.3% accuracy on 1 million faces.

Google’s Facenet and Beijing Faceall Co are second and third.

“Currently we are planning to launch a couple of commercial products based on our technology and we also consider the possibility of raising investment for future development” commented N-Tech.Lab’s founder, Artem Kukharenko.

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