Tencent to offer facial recognition technologies to external partners free of charge

December 30, 2015 - 

In an effort to improve collaboration with public and government agencies, TENCENT’S facial recognition research team plans to open its key technologies to external partners to allow easier and more efficient verification of identity.

In a statement to ShanghaiDaily.com, Gary Huang, director of the research center said, “We will gradually open our key technology capabilities to third party application developers and software providers free of charge so they can have access to cutting-edge technology without paying for them.”

Tencent’s facial recognition technology is already in use at Tencent’s online banking arm WeBank.

Huang said his team will also work with law enforcement to provide facial recognition technology and support to help identify missing children, provide online identity verification of those appliying for driver’s licenses or ID cards and for identity verification at office building entrances.

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