Tobii eye-tracking platforms now support facial recognition login for Windows Hello

December 16, 2015 - 

Tobii announced that its eye-tracking platforms support facial recognition for Windows Hello, giving device manufacturers Windows 10-ready biometric authentication and eye-tracking functionality for computers and peripherals, all on the same sensor.

The Windows Hello biometric functionality relies on images provided by Tobii’s sensor to work with Microsoft face recognition algorithms.

Built into Windows 10, these algorithms determine the identity of the user and make it possible to securely login to Windows devices. The company says its technology makes it possible for Windows Hello to work in a variety of lighting conditions and even in the dark.

“Technology has a fundamental duty to understand humans better and improve their daily lives,” said Oscar Werner, president of Tobii Tech. “With Windows Hello, a person never needs to remember their password to login. Microsoft’s interest to make Windows Hello work with Tobii eye-tracking devices is a testament to the value, both now and in the future, of our joint ability to enhance the Windows experience for consumers.”

Tobii is currently the only firm offering validated eye-tracking for Windows Hello.

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