Anil Jain speaks on the significance of biometrics at the 103rd Indian Science Congress

January 6, 2016 - 

Speaking on the significance of biometrics at the 103rd Indian Science Congress, Anil Jain, professor of computer science and engineering at Michigan State University, said that improvements in communication technology and advanced electronic devices have created new avenues for the deployment of biometrics and that facial and fingerprint recognition techniques were more secure and foolproof, reports The Hindu.

Jain discussed recent improvements in digital cameras capable of matching a human eye in image recognition and fingerprinting technology. He said that researchers in India should focus on banking applications that use facial and fingerprint recognition for ATM transactions rather than PIN numbers. Jain also urged the scientists to develop biometric applications in surveillance.

Previously reported, Jain and a former Ph.D. student published a paper that proves that fingerprint recognition accuracy between two comparable fingerprints remains the same over time. For their study, Jain and Soweon Yoon, who now works the National Institute of Standards and Technology, used the fingerprint records of 15,597 subjects collected multiple times by the Michigan State Police over a time span ranging from five to 12 years.

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