CHIME $1M challenge driving the next big breakthrough in patient identification

January 24, 2016 - 

The National Patient ID Challenge, a College of Healthcare Information Management Executives (CHIME) initiative, is a year-long, $1-million effort to encourage innovators from around the world to participate in the creation and adoption of a private, secure and safe solution for ensuring 100 percent accuracy in identifying patients in the U.S.

The challenge has two phases. The first phase is the “Concept Blitz Round”, where entrants design a concept for solving the national patient identification challenge. The second phase is the “Final Innovation Round”, the building of prototypes that demonstrate the functionality and performance of the design concept.

CHIME is looking for the best plan, strategies and methodologies that will accomplish the following: easily and quickly identify patients; achieve 100% accuracy in patient identification; protect patient privacy; protect patient identity; achieve adoption by the vast majority of patients, providers, insurers, and other stakeholders, and; scale to handle all patients in the U.S.

The top three submissions in the concept blitz round shall receive a prize of $30,000 USD each. The winner of the final innovation round shall receive a prize of $1,000,000 USD.

The final date to submit an entry for the concept blitz round is April 8, 2016. The final date to register for the final innovation round is July 12, 2016. No entry fee is required.

According to a statement from CHIME: “This challenge is not directly about exchanging health information or fixing duplicate records in a health center’s system. This challenge is about privately, accurately and safely confirming a patient’s identity 100 percent of the time. We believe that a viable and scalable solution to patient identification is an essential building block to achieving greater information exchange between providers“.

Learn more about CHIME and this challenge by watching the video below or visit the National Patient ID Challenge web page for complete challenge guidelines and to register as an innovator.

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