Facial recognition at your front door with Doorbird

January 4, 2016 - 

Bird Home Automation’s Doorbird Video Doorbell is back at CES 2016 with an update for its smart doorbell solution — facial recognition.

With this new update, when someone rings your Doorbird smart doorbell, advanced video analytics kick in to send an alert to your smartphone or tablet that either a friend — or someone you don’t know — is at the door. From there, you have the option see the visitor live and in HD, talk to them via a built-in speaker and microphone on the unit and even open the door with your device. If the system recognizes the visitor you will see the name of the visitor in your push-notification.

Bird Home Automation says that all of this is done in compliance with the strictest data regulations.

Bird Home Automation is also announcing a new feature for its doorbells at CES called Doorbird Connect that makes it possible to link them with third-party devices.

The company is also introducing cloud recording so that videos will be stored for 7 days, as well as a new Doorbird door and window sensor designed to alert you to unexpected activity.

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