Fingerprint sensors for all 2016 Moto-branded smartphones

January 13, 2016 - 

According to a report in GSMArena, Chen Xudong, SVP of Lenovo and president for Lenovo China and Asia Pacific, revealed that all 2016 Moto devices will have fingerprint readers.

The Lenovo executive also noted that all phones in the 2016 Moto portfolio will have screens larger than five inches.

Going forward, the Moto brand will be used primarily for higher-end devices, while budget devices will sport Lenovo’s Vibe handle.

The company expects no more than 15 smartphone models will be launched in 2016 between the two brands.

Previously reported, Lenovo integrated the Synaptics’ Natural ID area touch fingerprint sensor, FS4202, into its Vibe P1 smartphone enabling users to securely unlock the smartphone and automatically access applications and mobile payments.

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