IDEX demonstrating a full suite of fingerprint technology at CES

January 7, 2016 - 

Fingerprint technology firm IDEX ASA is demonstrating a full suite of its fingerprint sensor technology at CES this week, including its off-chip sensor and conventional silicon based sensor products, integrated into Android smartphones.

IDEX is also hosting private meetings with investors, customers and industry partners.

IDEX has a broad portfolio of fingerprint sensor products and customized algorithms suitable for mobile device and smart-card applications, including both, small form factor silicon sensors and customizable polymer technology based sensors. It is also in the process of commercializing its in-glass sensor.

The company says it is seeing significant market interest for its high-performance fingerprint sensors and that its products are mass production ready and currently sampling and in active trials at several leading OEMs.

Last October, had the opportunity to discuss consumer deployments of fingerprint sensors, the benefits of biometric authentication in mobile transactions, and what differentiates IDEX’s fingerprint sensors and software from competing products with IDEX CEO Hemant Mardia.

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