New forensics research center to develop tools to improve law enforcement’s investigation capabilities

January 29, 2016 - 

A new joint U.S.-Chinese forensic technology research center aims to develop new tools and applications for rapid DNA tests, as well as improved facial recognition and fingernail biometrics, according to a report by New Haven Register.

The new research center is a collaboration between the University of New Haven’s Henry C. Lee Institute of Forensic Science and Beijing’s China University of Political Science and Law.

Under a five-year agreement, students and faculty from the two universities will also develop tools for digital forensic investigation, case management and evaluation, and robotics for investigating crime scenes.

The joint research center will create and use technology to improve law enforcement’s investigation capabilities, including data mining and a range of forensic techniques, according to criminologist Henry Lee.

The center will help connect scholars, researchers, students, forensic scientists, investigators and the legal community to address both scientific and social issues involving forensic science and criminal justice.

Having been in the planning stages for five years, the center will see the two universities exchange faculty and students and operate a visiting scholar program, Lee said.

Somerset, New Jersey-based CSI Technology Group will help set up the center and develop and test software and technologies that originate from it.

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