SecuGen demonstrates new fingerprint sensor, software platform at CES 2016

January 13, 2016 - 

Fingerprint technology firm SecuGen showcased its UN20 Serial optical fingerprint sensor at the 2016 Consumer Electronics Show last week in Las Vegas.

The UN20 Serial OEM sensor integrates SecuGen’s FAP 20 certified, optical fingerprint sensor with a 1 GHz CPU and SecuGen’s library of NIST certified template extraction and matching algorithms. In addition, the UN20 Serial provides an open Linux development environment so developers can add their own functionality.

Jeff Brown, VP of Sales and Marketing for SecuGen demonstrated the UN20 Serial optical fingerprint sensor along with the Unity Biometric Development Platform exclusively for at CES.

This is the first product to be released in the company’s Unity Biometric Development Platform (BDP) product family. Other products in the Unity BDP family will be announced over the next few months. These other products will include additional interfaces, such as USB, as well as hardware expansion boards that allow virtually limitless expandability.

Using the Unity BDP, device manufacturers can embed sophisticated fingerprint technology into a range of hardware products, including access control devices, time & attendance machines, civil ID handheld devices, ATMs, industrial equipment, and point of sale equipment.

Unity BDP’s API provides developers with access to SecuGen’s NIST certified template extraction and matching algorithms. Many developers that use Unity BDP will no longer require a separate controller board since the biometric platform includes a fast processor, open Linux, and the ability to add different interfaces and logic via expansion boards.

Brown stated: “We looked at the old model of a sensor and a separate board running the extraction and matching algorithms, and we have been able to unite all the parts and package them in one small sensor. Embedding an open Linux development environment in the UN20 Serial makes this product unique in the industry. Pairing this with an astonishingly low price is a major breakthrough.”

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