uGuardian offers affordable biometric access control for SOHO users

January 26, 2016 - 

ZKAccess and Processing Point, Inc. have partnered to produce uGuardian, an affordable line of biometric fingerprint door locks for small business owners and home office users.

ZKAccess, a division of ZKTeco, developed uGuardian hardware with proprietary fingerprint algorithms. Processing Point will market the product line and service the devices.

uGuardian smart locks feature advanced fingerprint security, simple DIY installation and market-leading pricing. The lock is available as a standalone system, or using Bluetooth technology to open and close doors via a smartphone application.

“uGuardian is the new fingerprint door lock system that incorporates the reliability of our advanced biometric access control models with affordable DIY wireless technology,” says Larry Reed, Chief Executive Officer of ZKAccess. “Processing Point’s dynamic software development team, coupled with their extensive retail channel, quickly puts uGuardian in the hands of small business owners and home office users everywhere.”

Reed continues, “The biggest winner in this partnership is the business owner working in a small office or home office environment who can now feel secure behind an extremely advanced, yet affordable door lock.”

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