Fingerprint authentication added to PayPal app

February 21, 2016 - 

PayPal rolled out an update of its app this past week that now includes fingerprint authentication for access control on both Android and iOS versions, according to a report by The Drum.

PayPal says that one in four of its transactions now takes place on mobile.

The new app’s design features an updated color scheme, iconography, fonts and layout. Other features include allowing users to add credit cards issued from other countries, order food through the app, and use PayPal in stores or access store loyalty cards. The revamped app also includes an Activity Hub to let users track money sent or received.

Last April, PayPal’s Head of Developer Evangelism, Jonathan Leblanc, revealed that PayPal was working with partners who are developing vein recognition technologies and heartbeat recognition bands, as well as developers who are building prototypes of futuristic ID verification techniques.

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