Trustonic licenses whiteCryption’s security solutions to expand on mobile apps and IoT devices

February 11, 2016 - 

Trustonic has licensed whiteCryption’s Code Protection and Secure Key Box software solutions, which will enable Trustonic security solutions to work on a wider range of mobile apps and IoT devices without customers having to learn or use new APIs.

Trustonic, a joint venture of ARM and Gemalto, provides a hardware security platform for developers building trusted applications.

The company’s Trustonic Hybrid Protection (THP) is an adaptable security solution that combines the best software and hardware secured solutions into a single product.

By joining the hardware-enabled security technologies found in over 500 million ARM-based devices with whiteCryption’s software protection capabilities, Trustonic is able to provide customers with a more secure, simplified and faster user experience.

The integration of whiteCryption’s technology expands on the trusted perimeter of Trustonic’s hardware security by adding an additional security layer.

As a result, Trustronic can provide greater self-defense and tamper resistance while providing application security to platforms where ARM TrustZone hardware-based security is unavailable.

Trustonic Hybrid Protection uses Trustonic TEE Hardware Protection when ARM TrustZone hardware is available, delivering users the highest level of security their device can provide.

In the event that Trustonic TEE is unavailable, Trustonic Software Protection provides rich software-enabled security features.

Additionally, the combination of Trustonic and whiteCryption technologies in a single API simplifies code development and deployment into one source.

“The importance of being able to offer high-performance encryption both in hardware and software is critical to provide compelling user experiences across the widest range of apps and end devices,” said Ben Cade, CEO of Trustonic. “We believe whiteCryption offers the best software solution in the market today that complements Trustonic’s established hardware-enabled security solutions.”

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