Confirm releases ID verification SDK for improved facial authentication

March 2, 2016 - 

Confirm released its ID verification SDK, enabling consumers to capture a more accurate image of a government issued ID from a mobile device for improved facial authentication capabilities.

The solution will be available initially to businesses with native iOS apps who want to either add ID verification or expedite the process of users logging into their mobile workflows.

The SDK provides assisted image capture through a range of capabilities including edge detection, optimized lighting and different hints that adjust in real-time to a user’s movements.

Factors such as lighting or how a user positions their mobile device can result in the rejection of up to 30-40% of photos taken of government ID due to poor quality. This, in turn, can lead to increased user abandonment rates for companies.

Confirm’s real-time solution is designed to educate consumers on precisely where and how to hold their smartphone to capture high quality images for ID authentication.

“We will offer the best user experience to enable consumers to identify themselves using their mobile phone,” said Arik Keller, head of product at “This SDK brings together extensive customer research and user testing that helped us build a simple experience for the end consumer.” — a notary app that connects customers with paralegals via live video and software — is one of Confirm’s first adopters of the ID authentication SDK.

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