HYPR integrates SpeechPro’s multi-modal authentication solution; welcomes Ann Johnson to advisory board

March 6, 2016 - 

This week, HYPR announced a partnership with SpeechPro to integrate its VoiceKey.OnePass multi-modal authentication solution into the HYPR SDK.

The partnership is commercial and technical as both companies’ innovation and security teams collaborated to ensure that HYPR functionality with VoiceKey.OnePass is turnkey.

SpeechPro develops voice biometrics and multi-modal authentication solutions. The partnership enables VoiceKey.OnePass by SpeechPro as a HYPR-Secure authenticator and a recommended component of the HYPR biometric security suite.

As a platform and device-agnostic supplier of biometric encryption, HYPR gives enterprise customers a choice of what biometric sensing mode best suits their users: fingerprint, voice, face, and eye. In turn, SpeechPro customers requiring end-to-end biometric encryption can instantly integrate HYPR as a plug-n-play component.

In a statement, HYPR commented: “The addition of SpeechPro VoiceKey.OnePass is just one example of how HYPR-Secure Partnerships are made possible through interoperable standards such as the FIDO Alliance specifications. Our companies’ combined efforts aim to further create an interdependent, opportunity-rich security ecosystem where hardware and software players can partner and deploy easily integrate biometric security solutions.”

HYPR names new board advisor

HYPR also announced this week that Ann Johnson was named a board advisor to HYPR Corp.

Ms. Johnson’s enterprise technology experience includes 13 years of business development at RSA, CEO of Boundless and is currently the general manager of the enterprise cybersecurity group at Microsoft.

This appointment expands HYPR Corp.’s advisory team and brings a wealth of knowledge in enterprise security as the company looks to deploy its biometric tokenization platform across the Fortune 500.

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