Kenya universities and colleges to capture biometric data of all students

April 13, 2016 - 

Kenya’s Education Cabinet Secretary has directed universities and colleges to capture biometric data of all students within the next 120 days, according to a report by Capital News.

Higher learning institutions are now required to obtain passport photographs, fingerprints and programs for the year of study for every student.

“Under Section 5 (1) of the Universities Act, 2012, the commission is mandated with the responsibility of collecting, disseminating and maintaining data on university education in Kenya,” the Education Cabinet Secretary stated. “Pursuant to this section, I now direct you to require all universities and constituent colleges, within the next one hundred and twenty days from the date of this letter.”

The details will also show which students reside within the institutions’ accommodation facilities.

The new directive is in line with the government’s recent measures to ramp up security in an effort to prevent terror attacks. “The government has taken measures to secure public places through enhanced security measures including installation of metal detectors and the use of biometric registration systems among others.”

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