Sheriff’s office in Georgia using iris recognition to verify identity of inmates

April 18, 2016 - 

The Henry County Sheriff’s Office has been using an iris recognition system known as the Inmate Recognition and Identification System, or IRIS, for the last two months to process inmates entering and exiting the jail.

The solution was developed by BI2 Technologies. The company develops and implements iris, fingerprint and facial biometric identification and recognition technologies and solutions. Its Inmate Identification and Recognition System (IRIS) solution positively identifies inmates and visitors using the iris.

According to the company, sheriff’s offices and correctional facilities have been utilizing iris biometric recognition technology for essential responsibilities, including: arrest; intake; booking, visitation, door entry, medical, and; work release.

Law enforcement in other states have used this iris recognition system but it is not in wide use in Georgia, according to media reports.

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