Kwick partners with Silkbank to provide biometric verification for clients

May 24, 2016 - 

Pakistan IT services firm Kwick High Tech & Solutions announced it has partnered with Silkbank to initiate the biometric verification of client banking accounts.

The company has provided Silkbank with its portable biometric devices; the KWICK S4Q Handheld Model, which is specifically designed for field staff.

As a popular product for the telecommunication sector; the network and connectivity enabled device can be used for POS as a payment system.

The portable device includes Kwick’s own encryption algorithm for security purposes. Kwick has previously provided its biometric solutions with many organizations including those in the telecommunications sector.

Kwick had the largest market share of biometric devices in the country when the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTA) initially announced the requirement for biometric verification.

The company’s devices were provided to the telecom sector for the registration of new SIMs and the re-verification of old SIMs.

Kwick is extending availability of its biometric devices to the banking and financial sector for account verification. Additionally, the firm is providing branchless banking solutions.

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