PYMNTS survey finds 52% of consumers prefer biometrics over passwords

June 29, 2016 - 

PYMNTS has released its latest Digital Identity Tracker study, which finds that customers prefer to use “modern authentication methods” instead of traditional username/password credentials when signing into their online accounts.

The study, which was done collaboratively with digital identity firm Socure, shows that 52% of customers would rather use biometrics as an alternative.

Each month, the Tracker Scorecard features and ranks companies that are evaluated based on where a company authenticates a consumer’s digital identity (channels), who is using the authentication digital identity (participating parties), identifies how the authentication technology will be used (authentication use case), and examines the underlying technology used to authenticate the consumer’s identity (authentication method).

This month’s scorecard featured 84 companies, with several new additions including Arcanum Technology, BehavioSec, Facebanx, Precise Biometrics, Ping Identity, Trustev and VoiceVault.

The top 10-ranked digital identity companies and their respective score are as follows: 1. Early Warning (94); 2. Trustev (93); 3. (tie) Oberthur Technologies, Authasas (88); 5. Socure (84); 6. (tie) Authentify, Cryptovision, NokNokLabs (83); 9. Sift Science (81); and 10. AU10TIX (79).

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