Next-generation game with voice integration wins KnuVerse Hackathon

July 24, 2016 - 

Developers of the real-time, physical space game “Campus Claim” have won the 2016 Knurld Hackathon. KnuVerse, the voice authentication division of KnuEdge, announced the prize for Kyle Parker, Robert Littleford and Chaz Estell on Thursday.

KnuVerse gave out eleven additional awards. Among those awarded were end-to-end Android and iOS encryption application Crypto Chat, highly secure notes application WIDITS, and a hotel room booking and access IoT application.

Submissions were traditional web or mobile apps that were functional, free, and created or updated to include the Knurld API. Next-generation applications including voice technology were created for an array of additional verticals, including banking and healthcare.

“The ability to build applications with voice authentication technology has long been limited to a small number of enterprise companies. But with our APIs developers can now easily implement voice biometrics capabilities into their web and mobile applications,” said Marty Seyer, COO, KnuEdge. “The participants of the 2016 Knurld Hackathon exemplify the wealth of creativity in the developer community and the vast possibilities for applications when voice is available to everyone.”

KnuEdge Executive Vice President Kate Dilligan told Biometric Update that including a voice layer can provide military-grade authentication in almost any circumstances with nearly any microphone when the company emerged from its unusual stealth period in June.

In related news, a report released in June by ABI Research forecast major growth in the use of voice recognition technology over the next few years.

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