POMM rolls out biometric authentication and data encryption cell phone case

July 7, 2016 - 

POMM Inc. has introduced a new biometric authentication and data encryption cell phone case to keep data files private and secure.

According to the company crowdfunding page, the POMM device is a unique hardware case that bypasses cloud based systems, providing a security and privacy platform designed to protect the data in mobile devices. It ensures data security, privacy and bio-authentication, all combined to prevent unauthorized access and use of the mobile user’s private data and personal, sensitive information.

The platform is based on five elements: an isolated add-on electronic case device, connected to the smartphone through a USB cable; advanced isolated biometric sensors to authenticate the rightful owner of the device; friendly icons-based menus that enable easy management of all secure, private data; full encryption of all stored data in the separate add-on case flash memory; and physiological sensors, which confirm the user is not an imposter, is alive and not under coercion.

POMM works with Android and iPhone smartphones and comes with a slim built-in lithium battery that provides up to 50% more battery time.

POMM is currently raising $10 million by selling shares via a Title IV, Reg. A+ equity crowdfunding campaign to begin mass production.

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