Imagus included in Government CIO Outlook‘s Top 20 Homeland Security Solution Providers 2016

August 19, 2016 - 

Imagus Technology announced that it has been included in the Government CIO Outlook‘s Top 20 Homeland Security Solution Providers 2016.

Imagus Technology is an Australian firm that provides advanced real time systems that detect and identify human beings using low quality and low cost commodity hardware such as CCTV cameras, webcams, phones, and even Augmented Reality smartglasses. According to a statement from the company, it can capture unobtrusively over large distances and can identify persons of interest in a moving crowd or even from social media. Their unique face technology is simultaneously insensitive to pose, illumination, expression, focus, motion blur and misalignment.

“It’s a great honor to announce Imagus Technology as one of the Top 20 Homeland Security Solution Providers 2016,” said Becky Graham, Managing Editor of Government CIO Outlook. “Imagus Technology develops counter‐terrorism, intelligence and policing applications which helps businesses in a range of industries to aid in better monitoring, service and planning.”

Government CIO Outlook is a technology magazine that provides information about modernized IT solutions for the government, startups, large enterprises, with a spectrum of IT solutions that has the vigor to redefine governance. A panel of experts, technology leaders and professionals including board members of Government CIO Outlook has decided the “Top 20 Homeland Security Solution Providers 2016” and short listed the top vendors and consultants.

In June, Imagus announced a $1 million investment deal with a leading fintech industry player.

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