Atos integrates automated facial recognition into border control solution

September 7, 2016 - 

Atos has integrated facial recognition capabilities into its border control solution, CENTINELA.

The automated biometric solution is being used to manage Spanish border crossing points by analyzing the data of incoming vehicles, their owners, and now performs facial recognition and identification of vehicle occupants.

The solution compares the driver’s face to the central database. The Atos software then cross-checks the facial recognition data with that of the license plate allowing verification of abnormal activities, such as the use of various vehicles by the same driver or an unusually high number of passes.

If an abnormal situation is detected, CENTINELA blocks the way by preventing the barrier from lifting and sends an alert automatically.

CENTINELA provides greater control and time saving, which ultimately facilitates the work of the authorities.

The addition of the facial recognition feature to the CENTINELA solution enables border authorities to more effectively combat against illegal cross border activities organized crime and illegal immigration.

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