ImageWare Systems, Fortscale Security deliver behavior analytics-based biometric solution

September 14, 2016 - 

ImageWare Systems has partnered with Fortscale Security to deliver a combined solution that will leverage Fortscale’s user and entity behavior analytics (UEBA) with ImageWare Systems’ biometric platform to detect breached credentials.

The joint solution will ultimately provide a higher level of account security to the global enterprise security market.

The companies are also working on a joint strategy to continue co-developing a broader, advanced, adaptive identity management suite.

Based on over 100 behavioral attributes, Fortscale applies advanced machine learning to establish a behavioral standard and alert whenever an account is performing either abnormal, risky, or malicious actions.

“Enterprise security pros already know that user behavior analytics, like Fortscale’s, offers the best defense against credential theft, hijacking, and abuse,” said Idan Tendler, founder and CEO, Fortscale. “By integrating with ImageWare System’s GoVerifyID, we deliver an automated, comprehensive, and seamless federated identity management for enterprises.”

ImageWare Systems’ mobile biometric user authentication solution, GoVerifyID, will be integrated with Fortscale 2.7 to verify the individual’s identity when abnormal behavior is detected.

The integrated solution, which can be used either as a cloud-based or on-premise deployment, seamlessly integrates with other existing security and access providers.

“Fortscale is an industry leading product that analyzes network user behavior to determine the presence of attackers,” said Jim Miller, ImageWare Systems’ chairman and CEO. “By integrating GoVerifyID with Fortscale 2.7, we are enabling better threat detection with the highest level of identity assurance.”

Previously reported, ImageWare Systems and RunMyProcess partnered to integrate ImageWare’s GoVerifyID for solutions developed on the RunMyProcess platform.

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