Infinity Optics releases enhanced depth-of-field optical module for iris recognition

September 2, 2016 - 

Infinity Optics Solutions has released the first generation of its biometric enhanced depth-of-field optical module for iris recognition.

Over the past few months, the company’s scientists have developed a single lens module with a form factor of 5mm W x 5.7mm L and 3mm H (Z height) that captures images of both irises in one shot.

With an enhanced depth-of-field range between 10 inches (250mm) up to 23 inches (600mm), the fully optimized image processing technology can be integrated with more advanced iris algorithm with no latency issues for smart devices.

The method uses an unconventional single lens optics and matching computer algorithms to generate a highly reliable increased depth-of-field, all with greater ease and accuracy.

“We have managed to squeeze all that in a form factor that fits most consumer portable devices including wearables and yet delivers the same user experience expectations.” said Infinity Optics CEO Alfred Chan. “This form factor will be further improved in the coming months. The single element optics is easy to manufacture and is also very cost effective to produce compared to other complex optical solutions. The technology can also be used for other contactless biometric applications, such as palm and fingerprint scanning.”

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