Microsoft patents on-screen fingerprint reader

Microsoft received a patent for “Fingerprint Detection with Transparent Cover”, which covers fingerprint reader technology which can be integrated into the screen of a mobile device, according to a report by MSPowerUser.

The patent application describes how the fingerprint reader technology takes up significantly less space, allowing mobile device manufacturers to produce thinner smartphones.

The technology would use a wave guide underneath the glass as well as a filter, which would allow a sensor positioned on the side of the glass to sense the ridges of a fingerprint pressed against the glass some distance away.

The light from the wave guide may even be transmitted slightly further away via a fibre-optic cable, which gives manufacturers more flexibility in designing the handset.

Microsoft explains in the patent application that the technology can be used both with LED and AMOLED screens.

Back in April, Microsoft filed a patent for a low-profile trackpoint or thumb mouse with an optional fingerprint sensor integrated beneath the surface for identification purposes and for navigation.

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