Mofiria to release a USB-connected finger vein authentication device

September 1, 2016 - 

mofiria plans to release a new USB-connected finger vein authentication device in October.

The Japanese firm expects to sell 20,000 on the new FVA-U4ST devices in the first year due to domestic demand for a secure solution to support national identification number systems, and increasing overseas demand for biometrics solutions in Asia and Middle East.

This device adopts a flat finger placement method which helps decrease issues on installation and operation. It can also support the matching process inside the device and on the server.

The FVA-U4ST is manufactured in Japan and has compatibility with Bluetooth connected device FVA-U4BT that supports wireless biometrics operations, enabling a variety of usage in various situations. The device also has a power-saving design making power consumption about a third of their competitors.

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