RGB to offer Invixium fingerprint readers for door entry and CI System control

September 9, 2016 - 

AV distributor RGB Communications has partnered with biometrics firm Invixium in an exclusive deal that will see RGB offer Invixium fingerprint readers as part of its line of Internet of Things products, according to a report by Inside CI.

RGB will offer Invixium fingerprint readers for use with automated door entry and control systems from Savant, Control4, RTI and Crestron.

By integrating biometric products with home automation controllers, users can eliminate the need for keys, cards, or PINs for quick and secure access.

Biometric products also allow control systems to control connected devices with the touch of a finger.

“IoT is growing at an unprecedented pace,” said Shiraz Kapadia, CEO of Invixium. “The CI market needs technology that is smart and aesthetically pleasing to improve the lives of home and business owners, but it should also be simple to use and easy to install. Currently, the concept of biometrics is still very new to the AV market but thanks to its endorsement by the smartphone industry, the user benefits are becoming very clear. Biometric security is not reliant on what you have or what you know, but is the only solution to prove that you are who you say you are.”

RGB said it has kept a dialogue with Invixium since CEDIA Expo 2015, where it first learned about the company’s high quality components and usability.

Based on wiring and programming requirements, Invixium products need to be professional installed and are not suitable for DIY projects, making them an ideal option for CI professionals.

With the new fingerprint readers, RGB said it will “support Invixium customers as it does with all of its other products.”

“Being among the first UK AV distributors to sell Biometric fingerprint readers, fits perfectly with the RGB ethos which has always been to be at the forefront of smart home technology,” said Caroline Britt, managing director at RGB. “Invixium gives our dealers a fantastic opportunity to add more value, increase customer convenience and satisfaction by offering smarter installs”.

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