Secunet acquires eID testing business unit

September 20, 2016 - 

Secunet is expanding its core expertise in the homeland security area by acquiring a business unit from HJP Consulting, based in Borchen, North Rhine-Westphalia.

With this partial transfer of operations, secunet will be taking on experts in electronic identity documents (eID) and bringing on board the test tool GlobalTester, used for examining eIDs, and will continue to develop it. According to a statement announcing the deal, employees from the HJP division will provide expertise in the safeguarding and review of eIDs and, with their knowledge, represent a fantastic addition to Secunet.

Secunet will be adding GlobalTester to its range of test software. GlobalTester is globally recognised for comprehensively reviewing the compliance of chip cards, and in particular of eIDs, as well as corresponding readers. GlobalTester will be bundled with the secunet Golden Reader Tool.

With the partial transfer of operations, Secunet will also obtain new premises in Borchen, North Rhine-Westphalia.

In June, secunet announced that it had been awarded tenders with the Czech border police to install additional automatic border control eGates at Prague’s Václav Havel airport and to add a secunet Document Verifying Certification Authority to the background system used to process eID documents in the Czech Republic.

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