TIAA launches voice recognition technology for its customers

September 1, 2016 - 

New York City-based retirement financial services firm TIAA recently announced it has launched voice biometric authentication services for customers.

With the voice recognition functionality, customers can generate a ‘voiceprint’ to securely identify themselves when they call to speak to a TIAA representative, transfer funds or check their account balances.

The voice recognition technology eliminates the need to memorize an additional password, PIN or account number.

“We continuously strive to provide a better overall customer experience,” said Scott Blandford, executive vice president and chief digital officer at TIAA. “The vocal password capability is the latest example of how TIAA is leveraging game-changing technology to transform the way our customers manage their finances – and ultimately make it easier than ever to effectively prepare for retirement.”

The voice biometrics recognition system accurately captures the unique voiceprint of customers when they enroll in the functionality.

Using their secure vocal password, customers will be able to bypass several of the various authentication steps currently used.

The voice biometrics system, which is equipped to detect and safeguard against voice recordings, is now available to most TIAA retirement participants.

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