University of Maryland implements Safran’s MorphoWave at campus dining halls

September 9, 2016 - 

The University of Maryland has implemented Safran’s MorphoWave biometric access control system at campus dining halls, according to a report by CR80 News.

MorphoWave is a touchless biometric terminal that reads all four fingerprints of the hand with a single hand movement to enable access.

The touchless capability allows users to remain “on the move” when passing through a control point, which is ideal for high traffic applications like a dining hall line.

MorphoWave is ideal for high throughput and high security applications, while its touchless technology accounts for both dry and wet fingers, as well as no latent prints.

Maryland students began registering into the system last spring break through the conclusion of the academic year, while incoming freshmen registered during orientations during the summer months. Enrollment in the biometric system is completely voluntary.

Maryland’s Dining Services oversaw the enrollment process of students last spring break through the end of the 2015-2016 academic year, while incoming freshmen registered during orientations during the summer months.

Despite some initial challenges in enrolling a large number of students, the process was relatively successful. Students swiped both their right and left hands through the scanner twice to complete enrollment in just a minute.

Dining Services and Maryland’s orientation office has integrated the process into student orientation schedules.

The “Cardless Check-In” biometric system enables students to access dining halls without using their UMD ID card.

When students bring a guest they will have to present their UMD ID to obtain a guest pass or use dining dollars to allow guest access.

The system is exclusively being used for regular, resident student access to the dining halls. In the near future, the university will implement four MorphoWave terminals at the campus’ North Diner, two terminals at 251 North dining hall, and three terminals at the South Campus dining hall.

Students will still need to show their UMD ID to make purchases at other campus locations, as well as for building access and general identification.

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