China using robots with face recognition as customs officers

October 5, 2016 - 

China Customs has deployed 10 intelligent robots with facial recognition capabilities to serve as Custom Officers at three different ports in Guangdong Province, China, according to China Daily.

The robots, which are named Xiao Hai, mark the batch to be deployed in the cities of Gongbei, Zhongshan and Hengqin.

Equipped with facial recognition technology, the robots are capable of detecting individuals who are acting suspiciously, in addition to walking, speaking, listening and learning.

The robots use a specialized customs dataset to answer questions in 28 different languages and dialects, including Cantonese, Mandarin, English and Japanese.

In the event that the robots are unable to solve a specific issue, the robots will be linked to their customer service line in the future, said customs officials.

China deployed another robot called Anbot for security purposes last month at the Shenzhen airport in Guangdong province. Anbot makes “round-the-clock patrols” throughout the airport’s departure hall in Terminal 3.

Previously reported, The Airport IT Trends Survey, an extensive annual study of IT trends within the global airport industry, shows airports prioritizing security technology.

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