Hitachi demonstrates new finger vein authentication system

October 31, 2016 - 

At the Social Innovation Forum 2016 in Tokyo, Japan, Hitachi demonstrated its new finger vein authentication system which uses a standard smartphone camera with software to validate the identity of a user, according to a report by

Hitachi said this is the first time a solution of its kind has been demonstrated. The vein authentication system, which does not need any specialized hardware, can easily authorize the identity of returning customers for online shopping.

Hitachi is hoping to introduce the new biometric system for online shopping and financial transactions within a few years.

The system currently uses an authentication app that takes a photo of the user’s finger vein patterns to read and compare with pre-registered data.

Using color recognition technology, the system is able to detect finger veins in about one second.

Vein patterns are harder to forge or spoof than other biometric methods because finger veins hardly change, Hitachi officials said.

As a result, this makes vein patterns ideal for integration into lower-end smartphones without dedicated fingerprint scanners.

Previously reported, Zwipe and Hitachi High-Technologies Corporation partnered for commercial and technical cooperation including sales and distribution rights for the full product portfolio of Zwipe’s solutions to the Japanese market.

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