IDEX’s touch fingerprint sensor in new LG mobile device

October 20, 2016 - 

LG has launched a handset featuring IDEX’s touch fingerprint sensor Cardinal Q. The handset is a specific model for US carrier Verizon Wireless named LG Stylo 2 V.

“We are very pleased that a second handset with our touch sensor now has been launched in the market by another leading mobile carrier in the US,” said Dr. Hemant Mardia, CEO of IDEX. “The design win was announced by IDEX on July 18, and we are pleased about being launched in yet another program. This continues our sales momentum in the mobile market.”

According to a company statement, the Cardinal family of fingerprint sensors have a very small silicon footprint combined with high biometric performance offering a compelling value proposition for mobile OEMs.

Earlier this month, an unnamed Chinese smartphone customer selected IDEX‘s Cardinal touch fingerprint sensor for integration into a mobile handset.

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