Inventor designs vehicle breathalyzer that requires biometric authentication

In an effort to make in-vehicle breathalyzers more effective, an inventor from Las Vegas has designed the SAFETY WHEEL, a vehicle breathalyzer that is enhanced by a biometric authentication system, ensuring only an authorized vehicle operator can use their vehicle’s breathalyzer and drive the vehicle when sober.

In a statement announcing the device, InventHelp suggested that the product could be offered as an OEM feature on new automobiles, or as an aftermarket safety accessory for installation on existing vehicles.

“I wanted to create a device that ensured motorists could not trick vehicle breathalyzers into allowing them to drive while impaired,” said the unnamed inventor. “A breathalyzer that required biometric identification would prevent that.”

The original design was submitted to the Las Vegas office of InventHelp and is currently available for licensing or sale to manufacturers or marketers.

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