NTechlab launches facial recognition as a service for businesses

October 19, 2016 - 

Russian facial recognition developer NTechlab has released FindFace.Pro, a facial recognition as a service that uses a deep learning approach, according to a report by Techcrunch.

NTechlab’s new facial recognition system has performed well on the open and ongoing facial recognition challenge, MegaFace, and even outscored Google’s FaceNet.

Earlier this year, the facial recognition system created a proof-of-concept service that let users match submitted faces to those found on social networking community VKontakte.

FindFace.Pro also offers more practical applications, such as for companies that operate malls, concert halls, casinos and any other venue where lots of people gather in which there are advantages to being able to track individuals.

“Fast and accurate algorithms are crucial here, as they are able to search through the huge dataset of photos in real time,” cofounder and CEO Alexander Kabakov told TechCrunch. “In the next few years the government sector will have the biggest growth, first of all solutions for automated border control, criminal police and city safety systems.”

A Russian music festival recently tested FindFace.Pro to provide attendees with photos taken of them at the event. The festival organizers encouraged concert goers to send a selfie of themselves to a bot that browses through official photos in search for their face.

The service could be potentially useful for various applications including verifying the identity of people when conducting a transaction, or locating nearby customers to send them discounts.

As with other software as a service solutions, FindFace.Pro benefits from its simplicity of deployment, security, and reliability.

“Society itself is becoming more transparent and the facial recognition revolution just follows the same trend,” said Kabakov. “Wider dissemination of such technologies will just continue changing the definition of privacy. Collecting information about people will allow companies worldwide to improve the quality of their services.”

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