Thermaltake release mouse with FIDO UAF-certified fingerprint sensor

October 18, 2016 - 

Thermaltake has released a new Black FP mouse with a FIDO UAF-certified fingerprint sensor that enables users to securely log into Windows and websites, according to a report by The Tech Report.

Synaptics provides the biometric fingerprint sensor, which uses “Iron Veil” technology. The mouse also includes software that simplifies the fingerprint registration process for users.

The biometric fingerprint sensor is compatible with Windows 10’s Security Center, allowing for biometric-authenticated file encryption and decryption.

Thermaltake’s Command Center software can configure lighting, macros, profiles and lift-off settings.

The FIDO UAF strong authentication framework enables online services and websites to transparently deploy native security features of end-user computing devices for strong user authentication and to reduce any issues related to creating and remembering many online credentials.

Thermaltake’s Black FP mouse retails for US$60.

Earlier this year, Microsoft filed a patent for a low-profile trackpoint or thumb mouse with an optional fingerprint sensor integrated beneath the surface for identification purposes and for navigation.

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