CTS Healthcare Services integrates RightPatient biometric platform for patient check-ins

November 18, 2016 - 

RightPatient has partnered with CTS Healthcare Services to facilitate fast, secure, and accurate patient identification during self-service check-ins.

The integrated RightPatient biometric platform streamlines the patient check-in process while reducing wait times, improving patient safety and preventing identity theft.

“Patient misidentification and duplicate records continue to be a pressing problem in the healthcare industry,” said Michael Trader, co-founder and president of RightPatient. “Our partnership with CTS Healthcare Services demonstrates our commitment to ensuring accurate patient identification and safety at any point along the continuum of care.”

CTS has integrated the RightPatient patient identification system into its Patient Passport Express (PPE) line of self-service kiosks, enabling patients to enroll at a registration desk where the platform links their photo and biometric data to their medical record.

For return visits, RightPatient accurately identifies the patients at the CTS kiosk and retrieves their information so they can complete the check-in process.

When combined with face biometrics, patients can simply take their picture for an intuitive and hygienic experience.

In addition, RightPatient seamlessly integrates with Epic Welcome and other self-service check-in applications, as well as the provider’s back-end Electronic Health Record (EHR) and scheduling systems.

Under its SaaS model, providers can deploy RightPatient for a low monthly fee and leverage its cloud platform to recognize patients from any authentication end point.

“With the rising demand for accurate patient identification solutions, we needed a partnership with an experienced vendor to provide a reliable solution in our Patient Passport Express kiosks,” said Marc Avallone, executive vice president of CTS Healthcare Services. “RightPatient with Photo Biometrics was a perfect fit, enabling us to provide hygienic, intuitive, secure authentication with a scalable platform that already integrates into many EHR systems. Now, patients can simply take their picture with the integrated biometric camera and they are instantly and accurately identified.”

Previously reported, Augusta, Georgia-based University Health Care System has implemented the RightPatient biometric patient identification system to improve patient safety, data integrity, and revenue cycle by preventing duplicate medical records, fraud, and patient identification errors.

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