NEC launches AI software with specific individual search

November 3, 2016 - 

NEC Corporation globally launched NeoFace Image data mining (NeoFace Idm), specialized software that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to rapidly and accurately search video footage, such as content from CCTV cameras, for specific individuals.

NeoFace Idm can search for subjects who appear at certain times and locations, or who appear with other specific subjects of interest.

The software offers a range of applications, such as law enforcement agencies searching for lost children, and retailers providing improved customer service.

When searching video where approximately one million individual instances of facial data appear, the software can perform searches within about 10 seconds.

NeoFace Idm combines the “world’s most accurate facial recognition technology” with “Profiling Across Spatio-Temporal Data” technology, which generates groups of subjects based on their similarities and performs high-speed searches for specific patterns, NEC said.

“In recent years, there is growing demand for advanced analysis of camera footage for utilization in security and marketing applications,” said Noritaka Taguma, general manager at NEC’s transportation and city infrastructure division. “NeoFace Idm meets this demand by providing high-speed, high-precision searches for persons who appear in specific patterns, which could not be achieved through manual searches or conventional technology.”

Previously reported, NEC is currently in talks and holding trials with banks and credit card companies to deploy facial recognition for consumer ID applications.

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