TypingDNA raises new investment in latest financing round

November 1, 2016 - 

Behavioural biometrics firm TypingDNA has raised new investment in its latest financing round lead by Gecad Ventures with money also coming from Adrian Gheara, Alexandru Negrea, Lucian Todea, and Dan Mihaescu. The amount raised was not disclosed.

According to a report in Geektime, the Romanian startup uses machine learning algorithms that authenticates users via “keystroke dynamics” or “biometric typing” to identify users by typing speed, movements and keypad pressure to detect remote access hacks or attempts by an unauthorized user to use a machine.

TypingDNA has participated in MVP Academy, Hub: raum Accelerators, and Microsoft Bootcamp, according to Capital.ro.

“We managed to develop an innovative technology with multiple applications in fields such as e-learning, e-banking, corporate and much more,” TypingDNA co-founder and CEO Raul Popa said in a statement. “By partnering with an investment fund, such as Gecad Ventures, and by involving some investors with entrepreneurial experience in the IT and cyber-security field we can maximize the potential of this technology.”

TypingDNA was founded earlier this year by Raul Popa, Cristian Tamas, and Adrian Gheara.

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