BIO-key to intro wearable and micro USB fingerprint readers at CES

December 28, 2016 - 

BIO-key International will introduce several new products as part of its line of fingerprint biometric solutions at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES), held January 5 to 8 in Las Vegas.

At the international trade show, BIO-key will showcase FreePass — a wearable, mobile USB fingerprint reader for Windows that enable users to employ biometric security on multiple devices without entering passwords or PINs.

FreePass includes an attached wrist strap and a cord, which allows users to wear it around their neck.

The company will also debut the TouchLock line of fingerprint biometric padlocks, which extends its products beyond USB dongles.

TouchLock BLE features Bluetooth technology designed to be operated by a smartphone. The product protects customer’s valuables with the convenience of one touch biometric security.

BIO-key’s SidePass is a compact, square, mobile and durable touch reader for Windows that
replaces passwords or PINs.

The fingerprint reader provides one touch instant access to the user’s device, websites, files and applications using their fingerprint.

Finally, BIO-key’s Q-180 Touch is a micro USB compatible fingerprint reader for Android devices.

Previously reported, BIO-key secured an initial $1.1 million subscription contract for its enterprise biometric authentication platform from a leading Fortune 500 customer.

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