Fingerprint Cards fined by Nasdaq Stockholm

December 6, 2016 - 

The Disciplinary Committee of Nasdaq Stockholm has found that Fingerprint Cards (FPC) has breached Nasdaq Stockholm’s regulations and, accordingly, has imposed a fine on the fingerprint technology company corresponding to two times the annual fee paid by FPC to Nasdaq Stockholm.

The decision in its entirety is available on Nasdaq’s website:

“We take a serious view of these events and have naturally taken the criticism leveled at the company’s information disclosure practices on board,” said Christian Fredrikson, CEO of Fingerprint Cards. “We attach great importance to maintaining a proper dialog with stock market participants regarding the company’s financial communication.”

“While we have learned from these criticisms, I would like to point out that over the past year, we have strengthened the investor relations and communication organization. We will continue to improve our information disclosure and communication with stock market participants”, added Fredrikson.

Earlier this month, FPC launched a new series of fingerprint touch sensors designed specifically to be integrated into smart cards.

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