Intel Security intros multi-factor authentication password manager for Windows Hello

December 8, 2016 - 

Intel Security has integrated the True Key extension with Windows Hello to deliver a seamless multi-factor sign in experience on Microsoft Edge.

Windows 10 customers can now enable the new True Key app extension integrated with Windows Hello on Microsoft Edge to ensure an easier and more secure method of unlocking their online accounts.

The True Key app provides built-in multi-factor protection, allowing users to increase their online security by replacing their bad password habits with the creation of long, strong, and complicated passwords for all their online accounts.

Windows 10 users can download the True Key Microsoft Edge extension, connect their True Key app profile and enjoy Windows Hello secure authentication factors.

The True Key extension remembers a user’s existing passwords and create new ones, as well as automatically fill in their username and password when logging into websites or apps.

“The password problem won’t disappear overnight, which is why working with Windows Hello is a big step in the shared vision between Intel Security and Microsoft of a password-free future,” said Richard Reiner, CTO True Key by Intel Security. “By providing True Key app users with enhanced multi-factor protection and support for dynamic web form-filling – we continue to build an application that will encourage better password management and online security.”

After downloading the True Key extension for Microsoft Edge from the Windows Store, users can click on security preferences and enable Window Hello authentication.

Intel Security has also added a few other key features and improvements to the True Key app, including Firefox web browser support; the ability to combine up to three different authentication factors (face, fingerprint, trusted device or a master password); and the ability to log in to the True Key app using their fingerprint as an authentication method, untrust a lost or unused PC or mobile device, and use the native Android browser or Opera browser to securely browse the web.

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