Biometric voter registration kits arrive in Sierra Leone

January 30, 2017 - 

More than 4,000 biometric voter registration kits valued at over $13 million USD arrived at the Lungi Airport in Sierra Leone last week, according to a report in Awoko.

Upon arrival the Minister of Internal Affairs, Alfred Palo Conteh, commented, “The kits arrival will send a clear and strong message to the general public that the 2018 general elections will surely take place.”

Minister Conteh said that the kits will expedite the registration process and “will ensure that every Sierra Leonean is registered and the issue of double registration or voting will be put to rest” adding that the registration will put an end to the issue of “ghost workers”.

The Director General of National Civil Registration Authority (NCRA), Foday Kamara, expressed his appreciation to Smartmatic for the timely and safe arrival of the kits, adding “3,800 is what government paid for and the 266 kits are spares.” He also assured the public that the NCRA has the required experts to install the kits throughout the country.

Ibrahim Jaber, project manager from Smartmatic, commented, “I am happy because we have completed the first phase of the agreement which is to see that the kits reach Sierra Leone.”

The company is hoping to soon complete the second phase of the project which is the installation and training process.

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